Tree Removal Services

Remove your dead, leaning or diseased tree.

No matter why you need a tree removed, Lone Star Tree Services is happy to help. We’ll get the job done quickly and correctly, ensuring that once your tree is removed you’ll never have to think about it again.

Deciding To Remove  A Tree? 

Removing a tree can often be a dangerous task requiring specialized knowledge and equipment. At Lone Star Tree Services we have the experience and expertise to safely remove trees on your property. Our tree removal service is efficient, speedy and affordable. We can remove trees of any size and in any location – even tight spaces. We’ll work with you to assess your options, considering every aspect in order to choose the most effective and cost-efficient way of removing your tree.

reasons to contact

Houston Tree Professionals

  • Safety reasons
  • Damaged Tree
  • Diseased Tree
  • Aesthetic Reasons
  • Land Clearing
  • Root Damage
  • Sprouts From Tree Base
  • Weak Tree Structure
  • Tree Proximity To Home
  • Hazardous Branches
  • Power Line Interference
  • Infection Signs
  • Root Defects
  • Tree Is Hollow
  • Leaning Tree
  • Lot Clearing
  • Split Trunks
  • Dead Branches In Crown
  • Compromised Trunk
  • Large Dead Branches
  • Limited Growth Space
  • Storm Damage

We remove trees for a range of reasons including:

Trees with declining health can become hazardous. Tree removal is the last option when it pertains to your tree’s health. Let the professionals diagnose your tree’s health to ensure your tree is non-treatable.

Poor tree management can create safety hazards to its surrounding area. Tree removal may be required to prevent injury to the community or property damage.

Improve your landscape by enhancing the look of your home’s exterior by removing trees, letting in more light to help grass grow or to brighten your home’s interior.

Lets face it sometime your tree is not in the best location for its growth. If you need more space for building works or additional room for landscaping, we’ll remove it.

When eliminating weak-forked branches susceptible to storm damage is not enough, tree removal may be necessary to prevent financial and social losses. 

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© 2019 Lone Star Tree Services | 832-330-0688