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Trimming Trees into Assets

Houston’s Lone Star Tree Services will trim/prune your tree into assets. Whether you have some tree over growth, intruding branches or looking to enhance the aesthetics of your tree we have the professionals you need for your tree maintenance.

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Tree Professionals

Our tree professionals are competent, qualified and skilled to perform proper tree care safely. We have the expertise and tools required to provide you the best tree service possible.

Trimming Practices

Our specialized knowledge will ensure no harm is caused to your trees and guarantees long-lasting results for your tree overall health.

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What we do

With extensive knowledge on tree varieties and the needs of different trees, our pruning &  tree trimming services are designed to take the very best care of your trees ensuring they maintain their beauty, health and strength year after year. Below are some of the methods we provide We offer the following pruning services:

Tree Trimming Houston

Pruning young trees to encourage growth in the right shape with the most robust frame.

When To Trim Your Trees

Shaping your trees for a more appealing exterior of your home will enhance any view. A well groomed tree really makes a difference.

Trees can grow in many ways that may not be entirely in your favor. Trimming the weak or overgrown branches, will promote growth and robustness of your trees. 

Routine trimming will correct the shape and form of your trees, improving its health, strength and appearance. This will increase the air movement through the crown making your tree less susceptible to wind damage.

Trees grown in many ways. Some growth may lead to issues from crossed branches to uneven weight distribution. Reshaping your tree will promote healthy growth while enhancing your curb appeal.

Weak or dead branches can become dangerous, trimming these branches is necessary to prevent damage or injury to the community.

When your tree shows signs of diseases or has developed a fungus, it is important to prune the infected areas to prevent/limit the spread of the disease. Additional treatment of the tree may be required as well.

Affordable Pricing

With Lone Star Tree care in Houston Tx, you can enjoy the many benefits of tree pruning at prices you can afford. We know that tree maintenance is often an added expense, which is why we offer professional tree trimming services in Houston at prices designed to give you the best deal possible.

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